Mar 31 2017

Lonestar Round Up-Kickoff BBQ 2017

In Texas the natural state of the common vernacular is filled with idioms. These small sayings are commonly used to convey feeling and emotions in a polite and humorous way. One common expression used is “Secret is in the Sauce”, especially when someone is complementing a friends cooking. This phrase has been a gesture of gracious acknowledgement thousands of times; around a plate of barbeque here in the Lone Star State.

Before the age of plastic bottles, getting the sauce out was more of a trick, or a test of patients. You hold it above your plate and wait… Then you tap on it, nothing happens. You patently wait as the aroma of the freshly sliced brisket and sausage fill your nostrils. You begin to shake the bottle eagerly anticipating the flow to begin. A small drip appears at the edge of the glass opening… then it gushes out onto the plate; an out of control flow; and now you hope the copious amount of sauce perfectly complements all the hard work of the pit master… Such is life.

We hold the bottle of life up and wait for special events. Patiently we await the planed events; thinking upon how much fun it will be… that’s the drip. Then the time comes and it rushes forth onto your plate of life, for better or worse. We do our best to absorb every moment to its fullest and savor every site and smell…Such is the long weekend of The Lonestar Round up.

You prepare; to keep it neat and planed out, but just like a plate of barbeque and a bottle of sauce; after it starts flowing you may need to go back for some more bread to clean your plate.

The Kickoff barbeque is a long held tradition of the LSRU (The Lonestar Round Up). This year it will be held on Thursday, April 6, 2017

We encourage those who can attend to come on out and enjoy the long tradition of Texas hospitality and the consumption of potations.

Have no worries, our sauce is in squeeze bottles. We know y’all have waited long enough… and oh yeah, “the secret is in the sauce”


To view the list of scheduled events please visit… The Lonestar Round Up


Nov 25 2015

2015 Lonestar Round up… in the rearview mirror

Moe Ipad photos 1918


They say a photo is worth a thousand words, well we shall see… Photos span from the kick off BBQ and trough the 2015 Lonestar Round up weekend here in Austin Texas.

Moe Ipad photos 1942

Hop Up magazine was on hand this year with a release party held at Austin speed shop… It was a hoot

Moe Ipad photos 2220

Moe Ipad photos 1959

Moe Ipad photos 1945

Moe Ipad photos 1963

Moe Ipad photos 1969

Moe Ipad photos 2246

Moe Ipad photos 1953

Moe Ipad photos 2324

Moe Ipad photos 2345

Are you getting the picture?  The next day…

Moe Ipad photos 2076

Moe Ipad photos 2042

Moe Ipad photos 2003

Moe Ipad photos 2000

Moe Ipad photos 1997

Moe Ipad photos 2083

Moe Ipad photos 2084

Moe Ipad photos 2054

Moe Ipad photos 2049

Moe Ipad photos 2061

Moe Ipad photos 2022

Moe Ipad photos 2031

And into the evening… it went

Moe Ipad photos 2035

Moe Ipad photos 2056

Moe Ipad photos 2070

Moe Ipad photos 2078

Moe Ipad photos 2064


These few photos are only a drop in a bucket, and a very small taste of a great Texas automotive event.


Mar 9 2015

Kreuz Bar-B-Q Cruise…



Two ingredients that fit together well as sugar and spice, are Hot rods and Bar-b-q. Over the last decade, I and few others have shared some very rememberable and flavorful times. Cold and Rainy days can damper most, but it often makes the fellowship that much better when combined with a steaming platter of brisket and sausage. The small group that gathered for the first Meathead run of 2015 to Kreuz Market Bar-b-q had a swell time. The Brisket was good, the sausage was excellent.




If you have an attachment to Bbq sauce or forks this may not be the place for you. The sour kraut and German potatoes were very good. It is for certain every central Texas Bbq establishment has its strong points and personality… Kreuz BBQ strong point… for me it was the sausage, kraut and potatoes…

Kreuz Market … Excellent service, and a great place to try, if you find yourself in Lockhart Texas.


Feb 10 2014

The 13th Annual Lonestar Round Up

The 13th Annual Lonestar Round Up April 4th & 5th, 2014 Austin, Texas… is on the horizon folks. It has become one of the anchor hotrod and custom events in Texas… and in the world of custom car culture. There are several (opening mid. and closing) offspring events in the mix.  

The Thursday “Meat and Greet” BBQ is a great way to start the weekend. This taste of Texas has helped to solidify the resolve of many, to make the annual pilgrimage from across the globe.

Hope to see Y’all there…



BBQ hall


BBQ meatheads

Sep 30 2011

Meat is what’s for dinner…

Here in Austin TX … We have been blessed with the love of BBQ and Hotrods. A couple of my peers in the Hotrod and Custom car world have organized several events.  The following posters were created by the artful and tasty John Tullis … The Meatheads artwork is by … Jeff Norwell …

The events that we have participated in together have been historical to say the least … Most have been life events.   The Austin TX car community is filled with creative, tasty, colorful individuals.

When you’re in central Texas or the Texas Hill country, keep an eye out at you’re local BBQ joint or burger stand… You may see a flyer, with your next life event … In the print.